About SRM´s ECON program

ECON is SRM´s economizer port calculation program.

Based on geometrical input data and running conditions, the ECON program can be used for calculations in two different ways:

1. As a way to calculate optimum data and results when an economizer system is used.

2. As a help to calculate side load cooling capacity with or without subcooling for a chosen economizer or side load pressure.

Option 1 calculates which economizer pressure level you should use to get maximum theoretical subcooling of the evaporator refrigerant flow for a given economizer port size and position.

In option 2 you can use an “economizer” pressure of your own choice i.e. a side load situation.

Calculation with ECON is fast and easy. This software works with all versions of MS Windows®.

Depending on number of the profiles, our users pay an annual fee for using the software. Support and updating are included in this fee.

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