About SRM’s Bearload program

SRM’s Bearload program calculates the bearing loads, bearing life, rotor deflections and moment of inertia for any size and shape of your compressor and 6 different alternatives of port and rotor positioning, as long as your rotor profiles are of the SRM licensed types.

You can select between running the program for ranges of discharge and suction pressures with either fixed or variable Vi, and running the Bearload program for a single point as well.

An output file gives you values of how the male and female rotor torque fluctuates versus turning angle, another output file gives you deflection and bending torque vs. rotor length, and a third output file plots deflection vs. length as a graph.

The program Moment, which calculates the moment of inertia, is connected to the Bearload program and it is possible even to run it separately from the main menu.

You have the possibility to calculate bearing loads, bearing life and rotor deflection considering the extra load given by economizer duty.

Calculation with Bearload is fast and easy. The software works with all versions of MS Windows®.
Depending on number of the profiles, our users pay an annual fee for using the software. Support and updating are included in this fee.

To download Demo version, see the Files section below.
File updated 2014-02-21.

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