Welcome to explore the SRM Software

The SRM Software contains the following quality programs : the SRM Bearload program, the SRM Econ program and the SRM Ports program. You will find more information about each software by choosing one from the menu to the left. You will also get the possibility to download a demo of the software.

You are going to need the program WinZip® to unzip downloaded files before installation.
WinZip® is available on: http://www.winzip.com/winzip/download.htm

To test the demo version of the BearLoad click on “Download Demo”, save the file BLDemo.zip in an empty folder. Double-click on the BLDemo.zip, unzip it into the same folder where you downloaded it.

One of the unzipped files is installation guide where you can read how to install and run the demo program. Installation is done by running Setup.exe from that folder.

After the installation you can run the demo program from Start / Program / BearLoadDemo.

If you are a SRM licensee, you are also welcome to order a sharp version of the software. You choose ” Sharp version ” and fill the order form. You will then receive a fax containig a password and all the information you need about how to install and run the required program in your computer.

If you want to become a SRM Licensee, please do not hesitate to contact us.