SRM has produced more than 2500 Technical Reports covering broad spectra of technological development like:

A-Reports: Combustion gas cleaner technology
C-Reports: Ljungström Air Preheater technology
H-Reports: Hydraulic component technology
K-Reports: Screw Compressor technology
L-Reports: Thermodynamic systems technology
M-Reports: Screw Expander technology
Q-Reports: Screw Compressor / Screw Expander combustion engine technology
R-Reports: Rotating internal combustion engine technology
Z-Reports: Air cycle technology

SRM produces two major types of technical reports. The first type is commissioned reports, U, which covers specific work towards a specific customer/licensee. The second type of SRM Technical Reports is open reports. These are distributed to all of SRM’s licensees within the respective product range.

If you are a SRM Licensee, you are welcome to order the report from SRM. You just have to fill out the specific order form, and we will send them to you. All SRM Technical Reports are Proprietary Information and cannot be forwarded to a third party without SRM’s written approval.

If you want to become a SRM Licensee, please do not hesitate to contact us.