Over the years SRM has developed and produced various air cycle, or reversed Joule-Brayton, systems.

The Z32 was an airborne air conditioning unit consisting of a 64 mm screw expander braked by an integrated axial fan. An air-to-air heat exchanger and a control valve were used. A series of units were produced for the Swedish Air Force fighter “Lansen”.

The Z38 was used for expansion of combustion gases to create crystalline separation of mercury pollution at very low temperatures. Only prototype samples were built. 64mm composite screw expanders were used.

The L10 is used in the Swedish Air Force fighter system JAS 39 “Gripen” as well as for the “Eurofighter” and certain MIG29 systems. It is used to cool avionics and spaces at elevated pressure. 100 mm composite screw compressors and 100 mm composite screw expanders are used as well as B29 multi gearbox system.

The L14 high temperature heat pumps for wood drying and the L12 aircraft heaters are also Air Cycle-based systems.

Specific development has been carried out for customers regarding air cycle heat pumps, air conditioners and cryogenic systems.